Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Anxiety Cure for Kids - Book Review

The Anxiety Cure for Kids by Elizabeth DuPont
One Star

I read this book because one of my daughters has really been struggling with panic attacks and fits of crying over the tiniest infractions of personal discomfort ever since starting first grade.  She has struggled on and off with anxiety since, well since birth I guess, but I wanted to find out how I could help her and what I can do, what SHOULD I do. Well, the book is only mildly helpful for our situation. It did lay out just a few concepts and  fundamentals, but about 85% of the book is a list of exercises or mental (and sometimes physical) drills that will help give your child the skills needed to cope with anxiety. It may be useful to some, but it didn't help give me the big picture understanding of what my child is experiencing and how to parent her in light of it. Rather, if I had the time and understanding to do  as self-evaluation of he strengths and weaknesses that contribute to her struggle with anxiety, I could make a plan to use these drills to help her develop the skills she needs. While this may be helpful to some, it really wasn't for me because the causes of her anxiety seem so scattered and often related to sensory integration disorder. It may be helpful when combined with some other resources, but for me it gets 1 out of 4 stars.