Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spreading the news...

Eighth week of Pregnancy
152 pounds
One of the funnest parts of expecting a baby is telling everyone about it. We wanted to tell our family first of course, but we wanted to wait when they were all together. Of course, at this time we didn’t know we were having twins yet. But we did it at the dinner table when we were at the cabin. I gave each of my parents a small package that had a onsie inside.  The one I gave my mom had a yellow duck (yellow is her favorite color). The one I gave my dad said “Littlest Pilot” as his life revolves around flying. My mom jumped up and shouted ‘Hallelujah!’ (Pronouncing that ‘Hal’ as in ‘pal’). My dad looked up blankly and said “But I don’t look old enough to be a grandpa. Warren, do I look like a grandpa to you?”  We told my husband’s mom and brother a few days later when we went out to eat. The funny part is that even though I was only about 8 weeks pregnant, I had to stop at a department store on the way there and buy maternity pants! Although I managed sitting in my elastic-waistband pants at work that day, they were pretty tight, and by the time we were in the car on the way to the restaurant for dinner, they were unbearably tight!
We didn’t make a big deal about telling everyone ourselves…just whoever we happened to see before the new spread. But it wasn’t long until we had new news to tell them all over again…

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  1. Hi Nancy, I linked over to your blog from Amazon where I was reading peoples' lists of what's needed for twins. Thanks to IVF I'm expecting twins later this year. I'm almost 17 weeks along. I just read all of your posts. What an exciting story you have. I'll check back on you from time to time because I need all the "twinsight" I can get. These are my first -- I know life's about to change (for the better) like it's never changed before! I've been blogging for a while, mostly about infertility. Welcome to the blogosphere!


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