Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surviving Twin Pregnancy - Cramping? Yes, cramping.

Week 4. Too bad I will not likely see this belly again!

So, when you are pregnant, they tell you that you will experience some breast tenderness, some fatigue, nausea, and maybe even some spotting. But did they ever tell you to expect cramps? The first time I had cramps, it was the day I expected my period. I started feeling them driving home from work, and all the excitement of the positive pregnancy test from the day before just died inside me. I knew it could happen that early pregnancies could miscarry before most even knew they are pregnant. I also knew that mild spotting and cramping could occur around the time or your period, but you could stay pregnant. I prayed for the latter of course. When I got home, I was glad to see no spotting. The cramping went away that night and I thought I was off the hook! What I didn’t know, is that cramping is a normal part of pregnancy for some women. I got cramps many times over the first month. Once, I awoke in the middle of the night in such pain, that I didn’t know what to do. I got a hot pack for my midsection, and even took Tylenol. This was not mild cramping. This was as bad as my worst menstrual cramps that had me doubled over in pain in the shower, missing work. My second pregnancy, I also was pregnant with twins, yet had no cramping. So my guess is that those 2 little babies were growing so fast, and my little womb just was not used to being stretched so much!  But by the second time around, the balloon stretched a lot easier and I didn’t have the cramping (yay!)


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