Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surviving Pregnancy: Mood Swings... or Not

Week 20 - 167 Pounds
Measuring 28 Weeks
For as much stress as Mr. Geek (my DH) was under while we were finishing some home improvement projects, (he's about as handy as a swimsuit on a snowy day) he was still pretty much his cheerful, silly self most of the time. Though that wasn't really the case for our second pregnancy when we already had kids to care for and were too exhausted to be cheery. But one time, while he was reading a pregnancy book to the babies, (yes, we did the whole cheesy have dad talk to the babies to get used to hearing his voice thing). It instructed dad to try to be understanding of mom’s unpredictability and moodiness from pregnancy hormones. I asked him if that was really the case for me, and he said that I’m actually LESS  moody than before I was pregnant! I sometimes wonder if it had anything to do with the hormonal birth control I was on, but I think if I had mood swings, they were more noticeable in early pregnancy than later on. Or maybe I was just so full of excitement and anticipation for being a busy mom and leaving behind a stressful role in a family business that it adjusted my outlook on life.

Mr. Geek had a way of  making me smile with his silly antics while I was pregnant. Here are a few of my favorite Mr. Geek quotes:

In a frantic voice: Where’s the babies? (Then I would point to their last known ultrasound location and say 'right here & here!" He would respond :"I love all three of you!

With a blank look on his face, a distant stare and a melancholy tone: “*sigh* Twins. We’re gonna have two babies. *sigh* When asked how he feels about this, he never has a definite answer. Usually it was he didn't think he was ready for it.

Staring blankly at my belly: “Wow, your pregnant”. He claims that although he didn't find my belly sexy, he thought it was cute.

Staring at my recently-endowed chest and, uh, 'commenting' on it!  Pretty much every time he looked below my neck and above my belly, he felt the need to express his interest and pleasure with this change in my body. Yes, I noticed too dear, I didn't know we had to be so expressive about it though. (If I knew how to insert a rolling-eyes smiley I would do it here.)

Guys, if you are reading this far, note that expressing to your wife your continued love and undying affection is especially critical  and complimenting her physical appearance is generally very important during pregnancy! She needs your love and reassurance!

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