Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surviving Pregnancy: SLEEP PLEASE

12 Weeks of Pregnancy - 155 Pounds
Of course, another plague of early pregnancy is exhaustion. Your body is working hard, to build and nourish not one, but two (or more) other little bodies. You have nutrients to process, cells to divide, and blood volume to build. If you think you would be this tired if you ran a marathon, you are right. Your metabolic rate is increased. And to add to it, your body is producing more progesterone, which has a sedative effect.

I think for me, week 8 was the worst for feeling exhausted. I pretty much fell asleep right after dinner, if I made it that far! And I often wanted a nap in the afternoon when I could sneak one in. Any mom will tell you that the only thing worse than having a full time job and being that exhausted is having young kids and being that exhausted - even worse all of the above! Just do whatever you can to get some rest. Go to bed early, sneak a nap, make your hubby drive and catnap in the car, call a friend in for help. Don't feel bad about it, your body does need sleep for you to function well and give your best to your family and your job.

It was at this time during my second pregnancy that I started the habit of putting in a longer movie in the afternoon to let my older kids watch while I snoozed for 45 minutes. If your kids are younger and you can’t let them roam around the house while you snooze, try putting him/her/them in a crib with their favorite baby-safe toys. Or even buckling ‘em in a car seat in the living room in front of a Baby Einstein movie. Of course, I don’t condone this as a regular habit, but when your body id desperate for rest, it is important listen.

I still felt pretty fatigued at 10 weeks, but after that, the worst of it was over. In general I needed more sleep, but it wasn’t overwhelming. Also, remember to take your B vitamins! I was taking a B supplement of some sort but can’t recall which…so ask your doctor if it would benefit you. If your doctor gives you a blank stare in return, ask to see a nutritionist or dietitian.

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