Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surviving Pregnancy: Stretch Marks - not just for your belly anymore!

So, having twins, I pretty much KNEW I would be getting stretch marks. I just never realized WHERE I would be getting them!  In my 7th week, we spent a weekend away from home. I generally felt pretty good, the cramping was finally going away, and morning sickness hadn’t totally kicked in yet. When I woke up on lazy morning, I felt good. The day was beautiful and the air fresh and crisp...and my husband and I didn't want to get out of bed just yet [insert winking smiley here]. Suddenly, a huge grin came across his face. (Yes, even more than otherwise expected.) Ahem - let's say he simply observed an amazing over- night growth spurt of my breast tissue. It was a serious growth spurt. Overnight, I grew at least a cup size. I voluptuously (and only somewhat uncomfortably) overflowed my bra for the remainder of the weekend.
And while the size may have been thoroughly a benefit, the quick growth brought with it stretch marks. That really didn’t bother me much though, as there is really only one adult that will regularly see them, and he’s too distracted with their other attributes to care. pregnancy thing could be fun after-all. Which leads me to my next post…

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